‘Everyone has their own magic,
I just help them find it’  
Sifu Jules


“Let go of the results. After all, it is the process, not the destination, that reveals what we hope to find”

Energy healing gives a sense of wellbeing and balance those who are feeling ill, tired or just overwhelmed. 

We run various courses in a wide range of spiritual modalities both on line and in person.   

Sangha is a community of like minded people who come together to explore a wide range of spiritual knowledge and experiences.

We all have points in our lives, where we need support and guidance.  Counselling and chaplaincy can offer you a supportive  reflective space to find your centre.

Meditation in general has been well researched and shown to have both physical and psychological benefits for all

The Jambhala centre offer a range of Dharma rites, blessing rituals and other services which can enhance your spiritual journey. 


Don’t take my word for it – here’s what people say:


” Day after day, I keep waking up with a very different personality. I’m me, but not living with the same horrible head. Instead I have a happy peaceful mind. I’m no longer feeling tormented by my own thoughts as they are no longer dark, I don’t know where the sadness went, it’s feels as if they got pushed out because there is no room left with all the positive bright stuff that got squiggled into every last corner of my being.”


” Thank You Jules XXX for helping my sister. She is gifted but suppressed and fearful as I knew you would be able to clearly see. Circumstances have previously isolated her from the encouragement and affirmation she so needs. I knew you would be able to tactfully navigate her through a needed and wanted change/opening.  I sensed she would be safe with your kindness around her fragility, and empowered with your respect of her needful potency for expression. Thank you, thank you, thank you, she has told me that it was a profound and meaningful experience that has deep significance for her.

Penny & Martha


” I came to Jules for 1-1 counselling feeling like a broken person with no hope. Even the first session brought me to a place where hope was restored. 

Jules creates a calm and containing space that supported me to work through the trauma’s of my life, in a safe way. I can not thank her enough.” 


“Not a day goes by when I do not give some gratitude to the universe for the support that Jules has given me 

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