Sifu Jules is the Abbot of the Jambhala Temple, and the lead teacher.  She has extensive experience and training in a wide range of spiritual practices and will always strive to offer the highest standard of teaching possible.  Sifu Jules delivers teaching sessions eclectically, giving opportunity to practice the learning and take home beautifully written and published manuals for your use.  Sifu Jules has been delivering courses and workshops for over 30 years and strives to ensure that each participant leaves feeling that they have benefited from the course. 


Jules Gibson-Cranch (Chan Zhi De Dun – Wisdom to attain honesty and sincerity) 

Jules is a qualified psychiatric nurse who works with children and adults experiencing emotional difficulties. Jules has worked in the public health & charities for over 30 years. She is currently working in children’s palliative care. Jules has been moving along a spiritual path since a young girl and her journey has given study to a number of Esoteric Spiritual Practices, culminating with Esoteric Buddhism. Jules has taught meditation and healing for over 25 years and teaches with an empathetic and friendly style which supports all those who attend the sessions. 

Jules believes in ensuring a ‘right fit’ and will incorporates techniques from western medical culture, psychology, Wicca, Reiki and Buddhism, depending on what is needed. After spending 5 months training in China in 2010, Jules was ordained as a Vajracharya by her teacher, Dharma King Dechan Jueren. Jules is also an authorised Master & Teacher of Usui Reiki Ryoho and offers treatments and training in this discipline. Jules has been teaching Reiki for over 15 years, and has received a wide range of positive comments and feed back about the sessions that she runs. She also makes a life time commitment to her students, always being available to them for support and advice. In addition, when time permits, Jules organises healing shares and other events to ensure that those on the path can get regular ‘top ups’ and meet like-minded people. These shares are so popular that a local hall is often used to ensure that everyone can fit in!


Jules has lived in Essex and Wales has now moved to the Tendering area of Essex were she is putting down the solid foundations for a vibrant meditation and healing centre. 

Jim Gibson-Cranch: https://jambhala-centre.co.uk


Jim Gibson-Cranch (Zhi-yan – prolong the Dharma linage)

Jim has always had a keen interest in Shamanic (Native American) practices and has studied for many years, the relationship between nature and man. His spiritual journey has deepened with his study of Esoteric Buddhism and the use of Mudra, Mantra and Visualisation.  Jim is a certified Reiki Master and after spending 5 months training in China in 2010, Jim was also ordained as a Vajracharya by his teacher, Dharma King Dechan Jueren.


Alongside working in a busy general hospital, Jim is a strong practitioner and compassionate healer. He offers bespoke meditation and healing sessions and joins Jules in delivering retreats and workshops in meditation and spiritual practices designed to support others on their own spiritual journey.  

Jim has a passion for music and creates a range of bespoke songs, lyrics and visual media.  He has his own Youtube channel called Zelestial Phyre.

Whilst much of this music is of the heavier kind, Jim also is skilled with drums and Tibetian bowls to create sound healing for those who attend workshops.

Jim enjoys creating visual art, and is often doodling mandala’s and other sacred geometry.

Jim is an amazing carpenter and builder and has created a number of structures out of odd bits of wood and pallets.

Jim was born in Devon and has a deep affinity with the outdoors. 

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