Becoming a disciple

The journey into a Buddhist path

For some, there comes a point where they want to achieve serenity as a constant in their lives and that undertaking the commitment of the Buddhist path resonates strongly with them. In the past to undertake teachings of the Esoteric Buddhism, it was only possible if you became a monk or a nun and joined a monastic order. 

The Esoteric Buddhist School, under the direction of Dharma King Dechan Jueren, the 49th Great Acharya and lineage bearer of the Esoteric and Zen Schools, was given permission by his Master to teach out to the wider population. There are some who have the destiny to connect with these teachings. we are able to follow the Buddhist traditions whilst entwining them with modern life. Master Yu (Dechan Jueren) has made these teachings accessible to the public. 

He empowered and passed the teachings to a select amount of Dharma teachers who are known as Vajraicharia or teacher. Only they have the ability to transmit the highest level of Esoteric Dharma and link others in the giving of abhiseka (spiritual blessing). This blessing connects the receiver to the wisdom of the whole lineage of Master’s through the ages. It enables progress of the student, and a supported journey to awareness.

First steps

Following general meditation session, most students begin with attending a Medicine Buddha Dharma Workshop to receive their first Abhiseka and higher teaching. After some time of practice they may feel drawn to requesting to take refuge with a Vajraicharia. You are also able to join in with the Sangha and other activities.


If a person wishes to embark on a path of discipleship, Sifu Chan Zhi Dun will first initiate them as a Novice practitioner. This means that you can ‘test out’ if this way of practice works for you with no onward commitment necessary if you later it is not for you. You are asked to follow some basic precepts, and work towards skilful living. 


Once a person feels ready to take further steps, they may request to become a disciple of the school with their chosen teacher. If the teacher agrees, there is a Buddhist Ceremony which is in two parts over 9 day. On the 9th day the person is given their Dharma name which is a reflection of their lives achievements; past, present and future. A disciple must listen to the words of their Guru/teacher, respect all others and follow the precepts


Some disciples gain additional training and can go on to undertake meditation classes of their own, under the guidance of their Guru / Teacher. These classes can be held informally or at regular venues. These practitioners are also able to offer healing sessions and other chaplaincy services.

The Jambhala Sangha: A Sangha is a community of like minded people who all want the best for each other.

Buddhist Principles & Conduct

Respect everyone. Help everyone. Forgive everyone.

Bring happiness and joy to others while leaving the difficulty and pain for oneself.

Behave responsibly and attend to one’s duty.

Be strict with yourself and lenient with others.

Be honest with yourself. Be sincere towards others. Be humble.

Conquer your ego, selfishness, vanity and fear.

Overcome your greed, anger, ignorance, arrogance and doubt.

Be nonviolent in action, speech and thought.

These are the eight accomplishments of the one who enters the Path.


Medicine Buddha Dharma Workshop

  “Extinguishing Disaster & Prolonging Life”

If you are interested in increasing the natural healing potential of your body and if wanted, supporting others to maintain a healthy body, you may be interested in learning this ancient Dharma. The Medicine Master Lapis Lazuli Light King Buddha Extinguishing Disaster and Prolonging Life Dharma is for spiritual healing, protection, and prevention of illness and disease, as well as for extinguishing disaster, extending life, and bringing forth good luck.

In this workshop, you will receive an Abhisheka Empowerment (pouring of holy water on your crown) which will enable you to successfully practice the Medicine Buddha Healing Dharma. This very powerful Dharma practice includes learning the Sanskrit version of the Medicine Buddha Mantra, along with the accompanying mudra (hand gesture) and visualization.

Besides doing this practice for your own self-cultivation, healing and protection, you will also learn a related group healing technique for others. Historically in Asia, plagues and epidemics were known to ravage populations from time to time, and through their great compassion and wisdom, Buddhist Masters developed these spiritual healing methods for use on large numbers of people.

Our teaching of the Medicine Buddha Dharma is a unique only to the Hanmi Esoteric School of Buddhism. This practice was formerly offered only to advanced, initiated disciples of a spiritual master after several years of preparation. It is now being offered to the general public, due to the great need for more people to learn how to heal themselves and others, using primarily spiritual techniques.

During the second half of the workshop, you will learn simple but effective techniques for purifying air, water and food. You should be able to immediately taste the difference in the food and water which you bless.

If you already have a healing practice the Abhisheka Empowerment will greatly enhance your present healing abilities, as well as your capacity to perform any of your other practices.

The sanskrit name of the Medicine Buddha is Bhaisajyaraja. The Chinese call him Yao Shi Fo, the Tibetans Sangye Menla, and the Japanese Yakushi. He is a great Master who made many vows to alleviate the suffering of all beings.

Black Manjusri Protection Dharma.    

This teaching was brought from India to China in 749 AD, and was traditionally taught only to initiated disciples. This dharma is used for spiritual protection from negative forces, and to extinguish accidents, disasters, and bad fortune. Black Manjusri helps to negate the effects of unfavourable astrological influences, builds a foundation for advanced Feng Shui, space clearing, and dealing with problems associated with unusual phenomenon. Sifu Jules has extensive knowledge of this practice to enable participants to fully understand and utilise this ancient Dharma.

During the workshop you will learn the sanskrit mantra and a number of techniques that will enable you to have spiritual protection for you and your loved ones.  It is especially useful if you are someone who works closely with the public.