Chaplaincy and spiritual support

Chaplaincy is the provision of a listening space for all those who request it.  Sifu Jules is an ordained Buddhist, who has a deep understanding of a wide range of spiritual practices, including; Pagan, Christian, Humanist and Native American.  

Jules is also a qualified therapist with 30 years experience working in mental health and palliative care. She is offers a non judgemental, compassionate space for you to explore the issues that you feel are clouding your life.  

A one off chaplaincy session for 30 minutes is free of charge and can be arranged face to face or virtually.  After this sessions are charged at £30 per hour, however there are options for low income and unwaged. 

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Struggling to find the words?

Sometimes life events impact on us deeply and we just dont know how to get through.  Having someone else to talk things through can give enormous relief.