The concept of sangha is very clear and simple. Like minded people coming together to share their practice, support each other and generally create a loving community.  However, as all are human beings, tensions can rise and part of the process is to help each other become more open, honest and compassionate. Just like the waves that rub over the stones until they are smooth, our community participants will ‘rub each other the wrong way’ at times, giving opportunity for growth, learning and forgiveness. 

Living Buddha Dechan Jueren, otherwise known as Master Yu Tian Jian, is the current lineage bearer, the 49th MahaVairocana Dharma King of the Hanmi Lineage. Living Buddha Dechan Jueren’s mission was to spread the teachings of the Hanmi lineage throughout the modern world. He brought the Hanmi lineage teachings to the west and, for the first time, made them accessible to the public. 

Meditation is often best experienced in a group, as the energy that is built as we meditate is expanded in a group situation.  In addition we can share together our experiences, practice and knowledge.

When people come together great things can be achieved.  The  Sangha which comes together to offer mutual support grows in spiritual development.  By noticing and gently reflecting on each others unskilful behaviours it gives us an opportunity to have the sharp edges rubbed away to create a smoother and more compassionate person.

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