A place of discovery

The tradition of the Jambhala centre has been to ensure its doors are open to all to promote the development of knowledge and compassionate practices to help all sentient life.

The Jambhala Centre was initially set up in 2011 in the small town of Maldon, Essex. It now resides in the area of Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.

The senior teacher in the school is Sifu Chan Zhi De Dun (Jules) who supports the dissemination of the Buddhist teachings and meditations at the Centre.

There are also other teachers who under her direction lead various classes.

As well as classes and teaching, we offer a range of support including chaplaincy, meditation, healing, counselling energy healing options are available through the centre.   For more details please click the relevant pages  or submit an enquiry form.

Each morning we are born again, 
It is what we do today, that matters most.

Healing Expertise

The practitioners at the centre all have extensive experience in energy healing and working with Karmic and lineage challenges.

Protection & Clearing

House blessings and energy clearing on request

Wealth & Success

A number of specific teachings from the ancient Esoteric Lineage are available on request

Balance & Focus

Meditation and other spiritual classes offer the body and soul a chance to renew, replenish and revitalise

Health & Wellness

Together with Dharma rites, a number of practices are available to help a true seeker to have abundance of knowledge. 

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